Breh that “transmen’s top surgeries get pushed back” foolishness: so idk about other places but here in the US cancer mastectomies are performed by surgeons who operate out of HOSPITALS and top surgeries is done by money grubbing PLASTIC SURGEONS out of their PRIVATE PRACTICES. They’re not the same fuckers!


nah a lot of hospitals have plastics departments esp if they’re trauma centers bc they’re needed to put people’s faces back together after devastating injuries & they share the same limited number of ORs as the other surgical specialties do so I could see it happening. but Jesus really it gives you some perspective on trans narcissism: they really think not getting what they want when they want it is comparable to a cancer diagnosis & don’t see why the cancer patients take precedence.

Not to mention a breast cancer patient will often have to fight to have her breasts removed rather than try to “save the boobies,” and then their husbands often leave them. Look at how Angelina Jolie was vilified for having a mastectomy. I guess not having breasts is only ok if you want to be male, not for health concerns.




men can’t even give women orgasms, what the fuck made them think they knew the female body well enough to take over the jobs women had been doing for thousands of years out of genuine love and concern for each other, call it gynecology, and profit off of women’s bodies?

My mother has pcos, which she wouldn’t had known without her male gynecologist. She wouldn’t have known that she has cysts on her ovaries and thats why she has extremely painful periods. She wouldn’t have known that the reason I may be transgender is because I may have higher rates of testosterone than normal just like her. She wouldn’t have known that I may be at risk for having cysts on my own ovaries (if I dont have them already) because of transitioning.

A male gynecologist did a lot for my family because he was doing his job.

And I’m sorry that men cant give you orgasms, but thats not a universal feeling, sweetheart.

I’m a lesbian, I don’t care about men not giving me orgasms because that’s pretty much a given. and I’m not your fucking sweetheart

idk what this hellsite’s problem is with reading comprehension but my “men can’t even give women orgasms” was obviously a hyperbole about how men, overall, know less about women’s bodies than women because women actually live in their bodies their entire lives. I’m glad male gynecologists have helped you and your mother. go on google and do some research about how, overall, women’s pain is ignored by doctors and about how many women go undiagnosed (with things like pcos!) because men are more likely to dismiss their pain

exceptions to the rule are just that, exceptions. I’m sorry for being mad that women were barred from becoming doctors and from treating female-specific conditions for centuries and for thinking it’s ridiculous how gynecology is still a male-dominated field

Literally the reason the witch hunts happened in Europe is because women had come up with methods for things like: abortion, easing menstrual cramps, easing child birth, and generally holding most of the medical knowledge. The father of medicine lamented that all he knew, he had learned from the witches.

Modern gynecology was also developed by a male who performed procedures on slave women without anesthesia. The way women give birth in the modern medical system is designed to make childbirth easier for the doctor, instead of easing discomfort for women. Obstetric violence against women is at a all time high, including medical rape and performing procedures women had specifically asked not to happen (including the husband stitch). Men should be banned from women’s health in general, not only because they are likely to abuse their patients, but because men as a class have proven they aren’t worthy of the knowledge or practicing women’s medicine.




i’m a trans girl and it’s honestly so telling that the only lesbians who ever find me attractive aren’t cis, and the only cis women who ever find me attractive are bisexual.

just some food for thought.

just to clarify, this post isn’t trying to say “cis bisexuals are more woke than cis lesbians” at all. the point i’m trying to make is that cis lesbians and the cis lesbian community as a whole (YES even the radically trans-positive sections on tumblr) refuse to address their transmisogyny, whilst cis bisexual women don’t need to do that to seem Woke; they’re capable of finding trans women attractive/dating them/etc whilst still holding deeply transmisogynistic views because they Can and Do read trans women’s traits as masculine/male.

my point was that all cis wlw need to sort their shit out and y’all are refusing to do it. y’all refuse to call each other out and the only thing you do to for trans women is put on a fake smile and say “this includes trans women!! trans women are welcome here”

because surprise surprise you gotta fucking Make us welcome; you can’t do that on pleasantries alone. fucking do something for trans women.

i want to mention that this isn’t just an informational post, it’s a call to action.

every time a trans woman makes a post like this, we are opening ourselves up to being targetted by violent hate groups such as terfs, and sure enough, this morning i’ve woken up to a handful of messages calling me a sexually violent male, and replies to this post calling for me to end my life, etc.

i knew this would happen, and i made this post anyway. why? because what i had to say was worth saying despite the dangers associated with a trans woman daring to criticize cis wlw

we, trans women, have to constantly endanger our lives/jobs/well-being just to talk about the ways in which cis women treat us, because terfs will harass us and lie about us and occasionally dox us. don’t make these sacrifices for nothing. change how you act. this isn’t a criticism, this is a call for you to be better people.

the fact that terfs so easily found my relatively untagged post just highlights how y’all aren’t doing enough – these people must have found my post through following your blogs, and they’re only following your blogs because you are not vocally trans-positive enough.

start doing your bit to help trans women today. it’s not good enough to just say “trans women are women 💖💖“ a couple times a month, internalize it. believe it. read up on literature and social theory that trans women are writing. participate (but stay in your lane) in trans women’s discussion and conversations. go out of your way to learn more. you have to do this, because if you wait for us, you are waiting for us to open ourselves to the danger of malicious hate groups.

So “fucking do something for trans women” actually means “examine why you won’t fuck trans women” or “fuck trans women or you’re a bigot.”