people out here really sayin batman is a better fighter than wonder woman…they really saying tha

Someone add that drawing of Diana standing on Bruce’s head.

Thank you

He is though? He’s one of the most, and probably THE most, skilled fighter in the DC Universe, being trained to mastery in practically every martial art and usage of every weapon. WW is a skilled fighter as well, but her skills are limited to Amazonian styles and weapons. Also, that’s a comic cover, and comic covers are never accurate regarding what’s inside.

hmmm no, wonder woman is the best fighter in the dc universe as confirmed by geoff johns and other writers even. she has been training for CENTURIES and amazonian ‘styles’ are literally every style known to man and beyond lmao they are a warrior race, created by the gods to protect mankind, and she is the best of them all. even batman has said himself diana is better bc he ain’t freaking stupid and she has beaten him more than once. yall really think a man with with what, a few decades of experience is better than a woman from a warrior race created by the gods themselves, who’s been fighting/training for CENTURIES 💀💀💀💀 lmao and heres what its inside:



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