Breh that “transmen’s top surgeries get pushed back” foolishness: so idk about other places but here in the US cancer mastectomies are performed by surgeons who operate out of HOSPITALS and top surgeries is done by money grubbing PLASTIC SURGEONS out of their PRIVATE PRACTICES. They’re not the same fuckers!


nah a lot of hospitals have plastics departments esp if they’re trauma centers bc they’re needed to put people’s faces back together after devastating injuries & they share the same limited number of ORs as the other surgical specialties do so I could see it happening. but Jesus really it gives you some perspective on trans narcissism: they really think not getting what they want when they want it is comparable to a cancer diagnosis & don’t see why the cancer patients take precedence.

Not to mention a breast cancer patient will often have to fight to have her breasts removed rather than try to “save the boobies,” and then their husbands often leave them. Look at how Angelina Jolie was vilified for having a mastectomy. I guess not having breasts is only ok if you want to be male, not for health concerns.

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