Move back in with your parents, if possible. You’ll save $1200 a month. Use that money to pay off your student and car loans earlier. You’ll save a ton in interest. Stay away from Starbucks and shoe stores, and save all that you can to have a cushion. You’ll be way better off in the future.

Or we can just….. Not make college cost the price of buying a new home and stop letting the government wipe their asses with millions of dollars (ex: security for trump) and spend some of that money to help kids go to college for a reasonable price. Just like what every other countries in the world is doing.

“Refuse even minor luxuries! Live like an ascetic monk until you’ve repaid your debt! What? You want me to not use your college payments to fill an entire room in my mansion with coins so that I can swim through them like Scrooge McDuck? What do I look like to you someone who gives a shit about other people’s needs?”

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