This is what sex-pozzi libfems are all about. Barf.

Ew?? Why are they like this jeez

woman as costume. woman as punchline

All these women are considered “Conservative” for being Anti-Porn,one of them being a survivor of the industry. it would be “funny” for have at least one of them having their trauma mocked by some faker. using porn to “stick it to” defiant women is what they’re doing.Consumers of porn always let you know it’s not about any of the “consent” and faux “empowering” bullshit they spew about when they react like this to women who say “No” to porn.

If liberals really viewed porn work as empowering, this ‘joke’ would make no sense. As it is, it gives away that whatever they might say, they view porn actresses as lesser, and targeting someone with the treatment they receive in pornography as an insult. Who are the SWEFs again?

THANK YOU. They claim that porn isn’t inherently degrading but then they want to use porn to sexually humiliate women they don’t like.

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