Ah yes. The universal Teenage Girl Stage. Cause there are no fat teenage girls, no lesbian teenage girls, and no tomboy or butch teenage girls. How could I forget.


‘gangsta rapper’

Is there any particular reason why transwomen are so determined to latch on to the idea that transition is somehow akin to female puberty? You see this idea cropping up time and time again in trans spaces – the idea that they are not only becoming women, but more specifically teenage girls (or an idealised stereotype of what they think teenage girls should be).

Oh my god… trans women literally have no idea how teenage girl life is nor will they ever understand it

Haha when I was in my teens I was a depressed, misanthropic, self loathing person lol. @fadingthebiscuit

Lol pretty much same here.

Im the one coming out to myself that im basic

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