Public service announcement: Please don’t support Urban Outfitters, not only do they constantly cause controversy with racism,and glorifying mental illness, but they’re ridiculously overpriced. I know you like their stuff but there are ((more affordable)) alternatives.  I get all my stuff at ameliastardust and it’s all great quality and not only is she not problematic but she’s a fellow tumblr user, so please just save your money and support actual good small stores like this.   

i just find it funny that they sell the same exact things but urban outfitters hikes up their products ¾ths the price

omg yes finally someone posts an alternative to urban outfitters instead of just bashing them, does anyone remember when they made a  Faux Blood-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt after the shooting??

oh my god this is actually insane??  I can’t believe they’re charging 8 dollars for a PLASTIC CHOKER. JFC. Also you guys can use the code TUMBLR for 15% off your order at, plus I throw in a free gift to make ya extra happy!

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