Please never reproduce

imagine having so little respect for women that you look at a line of mothers with male children and say to yourself “they’re all going to be raised to be rapists”

Hahahaha “no respect for women” yet Im not the one blaming mens actions on their mothers, you’re fucking stupid lmfao I blame it on porn, as said in my post!!! “Boys watch porn earlier and earlier which scares the shit out of me so I wouldnt want a male kid cuz he’ll watch porn” is pretty word-for-word, you absolute fucking moron.
A girl would be more able to sympathize with the negatives of porn, as shown by personal experience.

@diedgrips can you delete this AGAIN because apparently deleting the original post wasnt good enough and all you moderators really love to make rape victims recieve rape and death threats for having trauma and being anti-porn!

and being an ex sex worker so against porn that it makes me suicidal and I wouldnt want a male child due to the porn culture (main point of my post but you fucking IDIOTS dont know how to read and only know how to jump to conclusions) and trauma (distrust in men) I have faced has nothing to do with anyone else besides myself.

I dont want a male child, cause I have trauma and dont like men, and little boys watch porn earlier and earlier and porn is directly scientifically related to lack of respect for women, lack of sympathy for rape victims. Porn is PROVEN to be bad for the growing mind and to raise men to hate women, and porn makes me suicidal, but sure hate on me for being fearful of little boys being raised on hardcore violent porn.

You fucking idiotic pricks can kill yourselves. Seriously.

Why is everyone so horrible to you??

“A rape and abuse victim who is fearful of men due to severe trauma is against porn?? She needs to be raped and die!
The only good woman is a woman willing to raise a boy, and has to be ok with little boys being raised on hardcore violent porn, and should ignore all the scientific studies proven that porn is negative for the mind and get over the fact porn literally makes her suicidal and the chance of having a male child is terrifying for this woman”

Pretty much TL;DR Im a sex worker against porn for good reason, suffer from severe trauma, and people HATE women.

If it helps any ill never have biological children due to the chance of producing a male, ill adopt a girl instead if i ever have the want.

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