i’m not surprised 🤔

We’ve been saying this shit forever, but maybe now tgat a man has said it you’ll finally fucking believe us.

Boohoo. A fatass in a broken down car said “nice tits!”
Big deal, get over it.

No need to start threatening male genocide.

dude maybe stop making the issue some strangers reaction on the internet and read what the man actually said?? which is the real problem here, not how someone chose to comment. Who brought up male genocide? Only you bro, because its an imaginary hypothetical scenario that isn’t happening. so you created a fake problem lol.

 “A catcall or car horn gives me a momentary feeling of power over them because i can see their discomfort.” Care to address this? Do you agree or disagree that its a good thing for men to feel sexual power over women and like making them visibly discomforted in fucking public? is that the kind of world you’d like to see? obviously you openly hate women too, or you wouldnt have bothered to write such a stupid comment blaming us for something you made up.

“imaginary hypothetical scenario”
*2 minutes later*

Lets see. If you women can say “lmao youre just mad at me because you can’t get laid and have a small penis” everytime youre losing an arguement.
Why can’t we say “nice tits!”

You clearly are a female supremacist as you wish to restrict Ammendment 1 to women only.

are you okay?

😂😂😂😂 wow

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