LIFE HACK lie to your spouse and ruin your things!”

what the fuck is wrong with straights

why the fuck do straight people hate being honest with each other

This is so childish and unnecessary, I hope she left

This isn’t a Straight People® thing, it’s misogyny.

Yeah, I was going to say–this is straight up misogyny. It’s called “learned helplessness” when men feign or cultivate helplessness to get women to do household labor for them. Society perpetuates the myth that women are naturally better at domestic labor than men, and plenty of men consciously or subconsciously exploit this myth. Men do this–not “the straights.” Queer men are perfectly capable of doing this to female family members, so don’t pretend it’s just a straight “person” thing.

“A husband creates an average of 8 hours more housework per week for his wife than he performs.” – Dee L.R. Graham in Loving to Survive

Who wants to bet that the hours per week are higher now than when this was studied in the 1980s and that this is part of why? Men are shit

Did anyone else notice how the “chores” he didn’t want to do was nearly everything? How the hell is he contributing if he doesn’t do any of the housework? Unless he “does the yards” but chances are that he does it half ass takes all day to do it or doesn’t do them at all. Women are expected to give 110% at all times so their husbands have the luxury of coasting by.

Christ, men are so childish and selfish.

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