#Insider – Here is a piece of sculpture from artist Jamie McCartney. A cast of the vagina from outside to inside. I was familiar with his work ‘The Great Wall Of Vagina’ – a wall of plaster cast Vaginas. If anything it was fascinating to see the variety of shapes and sizes. What I find more captivating in these fuller casts, is that in life and in art, one rarely sees such a depiction. I’m sure there have been artworks created representing the sensory exploration of the inside of the Vagina, but not so much the whole form. These sculptures are anatomically correct casts, so some may argue that these are more scientific than artistic, either way, I find it interesting to look at, quite surreal, almost alien looking. One may also arrange a casting with the artist.

These are so strange and beautiful to look at.  Glass is definitely the right medium for this.

But I can’t help but wonder, how on earth do they cast these??

(Thanks @havekat for the submission!)

I appreciate that these are aroused vaginae. I’d like to see unaroused too. The full life and transformation of a vagina.

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